The things we once shared

Diny and Willemien are born as identical twins. They not only share the same genes but also many childhood memories. In 2016, Willemien was diagnosed with dementia. Since then, the twin sisters have been closely monitored by various scientific studies, as their genetical sameness makes it easy to study the process of the disease. With identical twins, there is a tendency to mirror each other’s behaviour. This is not possible if your reflection is not the same as before.Looking at old photographs of the twins with the same outfits, it’s hard to keep them apart. But this illness makes you question if they even were twin sisters. Throughout my time with them, I saw the effect of progressing dementia on the twin’s relationship. As well as Willemien’s narrowing self-awareness. She sometimes confused herself with her twin sister. While Willemien’s identity was slowly fading, I got to know her persona through her twin sisters eyes. Unfortunately, Diny lost her identical twin sister by Alzheimer’s disease.