The Butchers

Meat plays a significant role in our culture, yet we never experience it's production. In the last decades, the meat industry has transitioned from manual slaughter by the farmer to highly specialised production factories. As demand for meat increased, the production turned clinical, efficient and faster than ever before. Butchers are scapegoats of society, blamed for all the fear and aversion which is, at least subconsciously, connected to the killing and dismemberment of a living being. In our consumer culture, we put the employees within the meat industry in a situation in which they have to work in mass production while at the same time, we are blaming them for the existence of their job. Portraying butchers with their favourite pieces of meat, gave me an insight into the relation slaughterhouse workers have with the dead animals. They carry the meat, which somehow protects them, to which they can cling. They carry the product of their craftsmanship, work that makes them proud. That's what they do for a living; it feeds them.